Welcome. It has only been in the past couple days while I have been working with Veterans and so many other individuals who have suddenly found themselves homeless, that I have I realized that there is really not that much being done to help these individuals. A lot is being said about getting something done, but as each month passes, still more and more people are homeless. Too, I think we are capable of doing more than purchase "TUFF SHEDS" to accommodate these individuals' needs. Too, I don't think a place to live -- like that in San Francisco -- should take ten (10) years to build. How many Veterans have died while waiting?

So I will start by saying this -- my staff and I are deeply committed to ensure for all Veterans: equal and inalienable rights; to promote social progress and better standards of life; to dramatically improve the pay grades that will enable service members to comfortably exist in the present day's economy; to ensure there is always affordable housing available to all service members; to ensure comprehensive employment assistance that will provide service members with a competitive edge as they return to the nation's workforce; to streamline the process for all service members as they access health care benefits; to simplify the process of filing claims for combat related injuries and disability benefits; to ensure easy access to comprehensive one-on-one mental health care; and, to advocate for many more important benefits to which all Veterans should be entitled.

To learn more about this commitment and the work I am personally involved, please visit V1ST.ORG.

If you would like to help out, please contact me through the non profit organization of which I am affiliated at